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There is no mistaking the voting record and leadership exhibited by Delegate Glenn Davis. As a small businessman and entrepreneur, Delegate Davis understands the needs of businesses.” ~ Virginia Chamber of Commerce

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“Virginia used to be #1 in the nation for business and job growth. Now Virginia is #13 and has the 30th worst tax policies in the nation. Glenn is an entrepreneur and has the history and experience to eliminate the tax and regulatory burdens that are holding back economic opportunities for Virginians.”


Glenn supports policies that strengthen our families and keep our communities safe. As a pro-life conservative, Glenn believes that we should further streamline the adoption process so women can be more confident that their babies will not end up lost, growing up inside a governmental system, but rather in a loving home, allowing not only their child to live their dreams, but also allowing loving couples to reach theirs.

Glenn also recognizes that the family is the bedrock of any functioning society and will support policies that strengthen our families and keep our communities safe.


Glenn helped start a charter school in Virginia Beach where he still serves on its governing board. Glenn has also created legislation to open up school choice in Virginia. Competition is what drives innovation and service quality, and it should be allowed in our education system.


Glenn has identified bold, innovative solutions to many of the problems facing our Commonwealth. Glenn has traveled to MIT to identify 21st-Century coal research, traveled to Estonia to work on bringing 21st-Century robotics manufacturing opportunities to Virginia, and identified new potential technology to bring high-speed bandwidth to homes in rural Virginia.

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Delegate Glenn Davis is one of Virginia’s leading advocates for economic development, regulatory and tax reform, and helping grow Virginia’s small businesses. Del. Davis has received multiple awards and honors, including Freshman Legislator of the Year and Champion of Free Enterprise from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.

Del. Davis is an entrepreneur who started his first business out of his one-bedroom apartment and, 8 years later, grew it into one of the 100 fastest growing IT companies in America, as recognized by Inc. Magazine. Del. Davis’ proven track record managing both small businesses and nationally recognized brands has made him a premier expert on economic issues, technology, and government reform.

In 2017, Del. Davis sought the Republican nomination for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, traveling over 50,000 miles across Virginia in a grassroots campaign.

Del. Davis’ issues-based campaign and focus on improving the lives of Virginians from all regions and backgrounds earned respect and support from all across the Commonwealth. Davis emerged from the campaign as a pre-eminent leader for Virginia Republicans on economic and regulatory reform.


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